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Self Discovery Nugget 4: Spring Cleaning

Relationships are not all meant to last forever. It’s time to clean up who has access to you.

Now that we have the 7 steps to discovering your true self, let’s continue to dig deeper because I filled you up with so many valuable nuggets.

The fourth nugget: Spring Cleaning

I deserve a peaceful life.

Complete a spring cleaning of your relationships. Some relationships are not meant to last forever. Some people are meant to be in our lives for a short period of time while others are meant to stick around for years. Who are you spending most of your time with? Are they adding value to your life or are they keeping you stagnant? What renovations need to be made in your life? It is important to understand that this process can cause some ill feelings. The key is staying focused on what you are trying to accomplish and become.

What is difficult about this process and should be expected is going through the grief of the loss. Being comfortable with the loss of a relationship will bring you comfort. You will lose maybe not just one person but several people. Lean into the grief process. Learn more about yourself and what you want around you. Friends and family that I thought would be around forever are not. It was hard for me to grasp that. The love, the attention, and the TIME I invested in certain people for the relationships to just end was gut wrenching! And I had to realize that they were no longer adding value to my life. They were bringing me down. They were judging me. They were jealous of me. I will never understand why for some but I am happier without them around. I had to learn to be okay with that.

I am constantly growing into a better version of myself.

Surround yourself with people who are where you want to be. Renovation of your life may include tapping into mentors, coaches, and counselors to help you. Leveling up your life requires downgrades elsewhere .


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