About Me

Hi, I’m Jasmine. Currently a licensed professional counselor by day. I am full-time mother. When I’m not spending time with my wonderful son and husband, I love reading, writing, creating new food dishes, going on an adventure, and living a healthy, joy filled, and organized life!

My life mission/purpose is to help women & men get unstuck, inform them that I SEE them, and help them discover their WHY in life through MY story 📖, by building connections 🪢, and providing counseling🗣.

I’m that licensed counselor who you wish was your best friend.

Book coming soon!! Stay tuned for: “She Stood Up and Walked”.

What People Have to Say

“She is compassionate, diligent, and patient with every individual she serves. Her leadership abilities are unique in that she uses servant leadership and modeling as collaborative techniques to build character and trusting relationships. In any capacity Jasmine serves, she will excel!!”

Taisha C.

“…she exemplifies great work ethic, dedication and compassion.”

Rozann D.

“Jasmine always showed up with a positive attitude and a willingness to solicit and accept feedback. She is an asset…and a team player…”

Lori S.

“Jasmine has been a pleasure to work with. She is hard working, considerate of others…”

Victoria R.

“Jasmine is someone that you can go to for personal and professional insight in mental health, technology, and physical health. Jasmine has a wide ranging skills and is an asset to any group of people…”

Shataya J.

“You are an example for so many of us to follow in serving others well – with great compassion and incredible competence, intellect and excellence. You truly do amazing work.”

Kirby B.

“Thanks for all your work with the clients. You have always demonstrated professionalism, care, compassion and commitment to help them accomplish their goals. It has been a pleasure to work with you.

Ana N.

Let’s build something together!