Services: T.A.L.K

Tough Conversations Accelerate Lessons of Healing and Knowledge

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Service A: I Am Ready! Consultation

This is a 15 minute consultation for you and I to connect and identify what it is you are looking forward to getting out of counseling or coaching. Even if you do not know exactly what your goal is, I am here to help you through it. We are in this together! Click here to schedule.

Service B: Schedule Session

This is a 45 minute intense session to work on the goals you have identified during intake. Please note, invoice will be sent prior to session.

Service C: BetterHelp Option

Work with me on BetterHelp! Click HERE!

Client Testimonials!

Jasmine has been incredible from day one. I was so comfortable from our first meeting. She is exactly as she says and is REAL. She has made therapy easy. I would recommend her to anyone looking for honest conversations and being able to navigate therapy in the way you need to. – A

Jasmine has given me the “talk” I needed. She allowed me to vulnerable without judging me. I officially filed for divorce in late April. I have attained possession of the house, custody of kids and child support. I’ve finally got rid of loose ends in (extra relationships) and I’m dedicating my time to my faith, kids and getting my house together. Thank you so much for all you have done. – T.

Jasmine was a fantastic match for me and what I needed to get my mental health back on track. She is highly attentive, listens and takes in everything that you are saying, remembers everything that I mention from previous sessions (which is usually a lot!), and does check-ins throughout the week that help me stay on track with the goals that we are setting together. She is super easy to talk to, always gives timely advice, and shares resources (worksheets, affirmations, videos, and books) that I can take with me into the week to help remind me of my goals and that everything is going to be okay! – M