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Choose Love Over Violence

People are so angry whether you are on the receiving end of gun violence, conducting the gun violence or are a bystander to the gun violence. We have been going through a lot for quite a while now, and especially in the last two and a half years and sadly it has changed the way we literally live.

Mentally and emotionally, many have been dealing with so much! Anxiety and depression can be residing in you or someone you know, and before we know it, it will be masked with anger. Experiencing mental illness is almost quite normal for us. Numbers are at an all time high.

You are not alone.

With that, self care has truly been dramatized and people have either jumped on the self care bandwagon and are finding that self care does not have to cost, OR people are refusing to “do self care” because everyone is doing it. So, here I am asking YOU, How are you taking care of yourself? How can you take better care of yourself? Is what you are doing now, hurting or helping you? Take a look at some of the habits you engage in daily, are they healthy habits or hurtful habits?

How you show up for yourself matters.

Jazzy Speaks

It is time for us all to press PAUSE and really, truly, look within. Do your part for you! You matter. Your mental health matters. How you respond and react to the world around you matters. How you show up for yourself matters. How you show up for your significant other matters. How you show up for your kids matters. How you show up for your friends matters. How you show up for your co-workers matters. How you show up for a stranger… matters. What will you do THIS week, to take care of you? Check out my previous blog on self care tips for some ideas. Be well.

The best gift you can give yourself is love.


Intro To Me

Hi, I’m Jasmine also now known as “Jazzy Speaks”. I created this space for myself because this is where I allow the opportunity for MY words to flow without #filters. I want to educate you through my experiences.

I had a filter on for so long for social media, friends and family that many did not even know I was unhappy with my life for YEARS. I was very good at hiding and saving face because I wanted to please others. I have done the work to heal from the hurt and pain I experienced and I want to give my story back to women (and men) who have felt or feel the same. Stay tuned for more blogs and motivational posts and tips from me! 

Currently, I am a licensed professional counselor by day. I am a full-time mother. When I’m not spending time with my wonderful son and supportive significant other, I love reading, writing, creating new food dishes, going on adventures, and living a healthy, joy filled, and organized life!

My life mission and purpose, is to help women get unstuck, inform them that I SEE them, and help them discover their WHY in life through MY story by building connections, and providing counseling. 

I’m that counselor who you wish was your best friend! I love people! 

Also, I have my first book coming soon!! Stay tuned for: “She Stood Up and Walked”. 

I look forward to providing you all with gems and adding value to your life.